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About Spyn Card

Millions of Americans suffer the stress, shame and shackles of credit card debt. In fact, 40% of Americans are buried in credit card debt and another 30% are constantly on the precipice. The average revolving credit card debt per household is $8,398. America suffers from deep and pervasive stress about spending money that affects health, relationships and financial freedom. It’s no wonder credit debt is the #1 fear of millennials.

Spyn Card is a revolutionary new credit card set to disrupt the industry from the inside-out. Today, credit card companies make money when their customers make mistakes. Their entire business model is designed to increase consumer debt to the highest level that still ensures consumers can pay their bills.

Spyn is different. In a world that’s over-stressed about money, we’re empowering people to make smart financial decisions so they can worry less and live more.

That’s because our product is much more than a simple card. Spyn’s mobile app acts like a financial adviser in your pocket.

  • Spyn connects to your bank account, models your cash flow and shows you how much you can safely spend each month. Spyn understands your finances and gives you the information you need to make real-time smart decisions.
  • Spyn monitors your credit score and helps you set financial goals.
  • Spyn makes success easy. Spyn limits your ability to spend into debt and auto-pays your bill after every transaction, so your never caught off guard by your credit card. We also give you real cash rewards that you can save, spend or use to pay off other debt.
  • Spyn protects you from fraud and makes it easy to set up virtual cards to give you control over which merchants can charge your card.

Spyn aims to prevent your mistakes, not profit off them.

Brand Guidelines

The following brand guidelines have been made available to ensure proper use and execution of Spyn’s brand and assets, including any trademarks, logos, and/or content. To make any use of our marks in a way not covered by these guidelines, please contact us at

Please do:

  • The Spyn logo is precisely proportioned. The size and position relationship between the symbol and logotype must remain intact.
  • Clear space must surround the logo on all sides in such a way that no type, design, or photographic elements encroach on the logo.
  • Pronounce Spyn as spin.

Please do not:

  • Use any logos or images to represent Spyn other than images provided on this page.
  • Modify the logo in any way (e.g. change colors, apply effects, or alter the size and position of the icon in relation to the Spyn name).
  • Use the logo in a way that would imply affiliation of your product or service to Spyn.

Press Kit

All assets displayed on these pages are copyrights and trademarks of Spyn Pay, Inc.

You can download our online press kit, which includes:

  • A corporate summary sheet
  • Founder biography and photo
  • Product photos
  • Screenshots of our mobile app
The credit card that acts like a debit card.
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