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Outsmart traditional credit cards

Spyn keeps you out of debt by auto-paying your balance after every purchase. Get the rewards of credit with the convenience of debit. 

     Check your place in line.

Avoid debt

Spyn auto-pays your balance after every purchase and blocks your card if you run out of money.

Build your credit

Your responsible card payments get reported to credit agencies, boosting your score.

1% cash back

With every swipe, tap or click, earn 1% cash back to save or spend. If you're currently spending with debit, give yourself a raise!

Better fraud protection

Debit cards don't offer the same protection as a Spyn card. Visit our blog to learn more.

Credit cards don't have to be boring.

Card designs are only available for a limited time and are sourced from community artists.
Know a knock out designer? Contact us.
Get rewarded for making smart decisions.
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